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From Pisgah Press. Recommended for children ages 8-12

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This volume is the conclusion of a delightful four-part children's book series by C. Robert Jones featuring a mystery novella about 13-year-old Lanky Lonagan, the tallest boy in Claggett Cove.

Lanky first appeared on the scene when the Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre (SART) produced the author's musical, A Belonging Place, the story of Abel Ammons, a mountain fable-teller. In the play, Abel tells stories to the local children about his favorite character, Lanky Lonagan. At age 13, Lanky is already six feet, four inches tall.

In trying to be helpful, Lanky often makes mistakes and upsets all the folks in the tiny mountain town of Claggett Cove where he lives. He then has to figure out how to make things right . . . And more often than not, he ends up making things better than they were in the first place, becoming a hero in the process!

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The Mystery at Claggett Cove: A Lanky Tale

Hackettstown, NJ           May 24 - June 2, 2019

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C. Robert Jones

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Volume 3 of Lanky Tales