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Acting Onstage: 55 Practical Tips for Success


C. Robert's play, The Salieri Effect, was one of three plays honored for excellence in playwriting in 2020 by the Robert J. Pickering Award.

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Acting Onstage: 55 Practical Tips for Success focuses on the most useful "nuts and bolts" things that actors should know to make their work flow more smoothly. It deals with the nitty-gritty tools that will help create a dynamic and memorable performance.

It's an indispensable guide to success for both new and experienced actors, distilled from C. Robert's many decades of theatre work.

The book features special sections on how to prepare for auditions (for both straight plays and musicals), getting the most out of rehearsals, learning your lines, stage movement and blocking, lights, props, costumes, hair, and more!

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